Set Search Time

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This extension makes it so any time you use google search, only results from the past year (or specified time period) will show. Avoid outdated search results. Search from address bar or google website.

Coming Soon

Internationalization so anyone can use this extension.

How To Use

After installing the extension simply type your query into your address bar (omnibox) or search from

A Tip

Begin your search query with "-d" to disable Set Search Time for that query. This is useful for once off searches where time limitations are not useful. For example, a search for "-d chrome extensions tutorial" (without the quotes) will perform a regular search with no time restraints on the results.


In the options page there are two options. One to disable Set Search time and another to set the time period to use when searching. The disable option is there so you can turn off Set Search Time without disabling the extension.